HealthGility provides several career opportunities for people with an interest and passion for Health Information Management (HIM). If you came looking for employment opportunities. Connect with us!

Why Join Us

While we don’t compromise on having fun! we’re a dedicated, driven, and close-knitted group of people. We encourage growth and provide learning opportunities. Our warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with our positive outlook, creates an innovative environment for personal and professional development. 


Our culture is driven by the desire to make a positive difference in an individual’s life. For us, that person is the patient, as well as the employee in charge of managing the transfer and exchange of time-sensitive medical records. Our culture is based on our values of providing genuine, trustworthy, accountable, and transparent service to our clients. We desire individuals who support our values. Help us by being the foundation on which our company stands. When you embody our values and become a part of our culture, you can expect to thrive and achieve milestones.


We welcome people belonging to diverse backgrounds. We strive to maintain diversity within our company. We have a culturally diverse and inclusive work environment. We have zero-tolerance for discriminatory behavior or harassment of any kind. We routinely conduct training programs to educate our team on what is considered harassment and the importance of acceptance of people of a different race, ethnicity, education, generation, gender, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. Our policy goes both ways, and we treat both our staff and clients with the utmost respect. For us, diversity is the backbone of our company.


We practice what we preach— complete honesty, openness, and transparency with our team and clients. We foster relationships based on trust. We take full responsibility and ownership to create accurate and consistent results each time.We communicate our mission to both our team and clients, clearly stating everything from the beginning to avoid miscommunication and avoidable setbacks. We encourage open and honest communication among all the parties involves empowering them to decide quickly, confidently, and accurately.


We build each other up to succeed. Our team members bolster each other’s efforts and provide continuous feedback and support. We listen. We respond. We motivate. We’ll never dismiss an idea outright but work as one to make it better. Our senior employees are approachable, respectable, and ever-ready to help. They’ll make you feel welcome and a part of our team. You’ll feel right in with us in no time, as we want to make your transition into our work environment as seamless and as easy as possible.

The Benefits of Working with Us

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