HealthGility provides several career opportunities for people with an interest and passion for Health Information Management (HIM). If you came looking for employment opportunities. Connect with us!

Why Join Us

While we don’t compromise on having fun! we’re a dedicated, driven, and close-knitted group of people. We encourage growth and provide learning opportunities. Our warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with our positive outlook, creates an innovative environment for personal and professional development. 


Our culture strives to improve people’s lives. For us, that’s the patient and the staff responsible for managing time-sensitive medical records. Our culture is built on delivering clients with authentic, trustworthy, accountable, and transparent service. We want value-sharers. Be our company’s basis. When you embrace our beliefs and join our culture, you can expect to succeed.


We endeavor to preserve diversity inside our organization. Our workplace is culturally diverse and welcoming, with zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment. Our workforce is routinely taught on what constitutes harassment and the significance of accepting persons of varied race, ethnicity, education, generation, gender, religion, disability, and sexual orientation through training programs. Our policy is reciprocal, and we treat both our employees and clients with the highest courtesy.


We practice what we value—complete honesty, openness, transparency, and alignment with our staff. Trusted relationships are fostered. We take full responsibility and ownership of our learning curves to achieve improved and consistent results. We explain our mission to our team to avoid ambiguity and setbacks. We encourage and value respect, inclusivity, empowerment, and creativity, which boosts our innovation. We encourage open, honest feedback at all levels


We pull each other up. As a team, we support and encourage one another. We Listen, Motivate, and respond. We never reject an idea but work to improve it. Senior personnel are nice and constantly willing to help you feel welcome and brought up to speed with the Organization. You’ll immediately fit right in with us as we want your transition to be pleasant

The Benefits of Working with Us

  • Competitive wages, and Incentives based on your level of experience, commitment, and productivity.
  • Several opportunities for a team leadership, management, and scaling advancement.
  • On-the-Job training, support, and growth & development mentorship.
  • Opportunity to work alongside a fun-loving team with a shared goal of accomplishing objective outcomes.
  • "All-for-One, then More for all!" Breach prevention Comp-Program bonus.

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