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With our help, our clients can decrease the risk of improper and unlawful disclosure of PHI while meeting their objectives for the secure sharing of sensitive medical data between two parties with unmatched accuracy and increased turnaround time.


Patients needing access or visiting another healthcare provider can benefit from our service of exchanging ePHI. We can help smoothly and efficiently release such records to ensure that the intended needs and outcome for the patient are met in a secure and timely manner, and in a format that meets the patient’s preference. 

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can collaborate with us and have complete confidence on our ability to deliver excellent services. Through our services and technology, the risk of improper exchange of PHI decreases significantly. We can assist your Health Information Management (HIM) department streamline the management of PHI disclosure, improve processes, and ensure collaborative compliance.


Third-party payers include employers, insurance companies, and governmental agencies. For various audit purposes like Management risk adjustment, HIDIS etc. third-party payers may need the healthcare organization to provide them with the patients’ medical records which can be securely and seamlessly fulfilled through our digitized API-enabled integration for an optimized and faster turnaround time. 


Attorneys representing a patient may request their client’s medical records. We can assure attorneys receive the requested information promptly, as delay may be costly to the outcome of all parties. Our HIPPA-compliant solution allows Attorneys and healthcare providers to manage the disclosure and use of Protected Health Information (PHI) while ensuring complete confidentiality of the patient.


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Patients visiting another healthcare provider will benefit from our service of exchanging Protected Health Information (PHI), as they will not need to carry all their past medical records with them. If they are in another state and need medical assistance, their healthcare provider can quickly retrieve their medical history.

If you want to learn more about the management and release of Protected Health Information (PHI), contact us today.

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