About Us

We are geared to intensify agility within the healthcare ecosystem by streamlining the interactions and processes around the use, request, and disclosure of medical records

Our primary goal is to assist our clients in improving their ROI management and fulfillment outcomes by evaluating the current Human vs. Technology requirements within the HIM environment, identifying gaps and establishing effective, efficient, and sustainable resource & documentation practices that eliminate PHI request backlog mismanagement, duplicates, fulfilment delays, and increasing agility, digitization, and client/requestor overall outcome.

Our Solution

Our ROI fulfilment solution bridges the gap for healthcare organizations ranging from small clinics to large hospitals. A cutting-edge system that upholds patients’ privacy and data integrity for Protected Health Information. Our robust, efficient, and E2E digitized request intake, API-enabled faster fulfillment, and preferred format delivery solution ensures an optimized and satisfactory outcome. With our doubled-down automated AI intelligent QC integrated build and manual QA review, we’re confident in maintaining disclosure accuracy that meets HIPAA compliance and satisfies our Clients/Requestors.

Why Choose us

HIPAA Compliant

Compliance is a priority in all aspects of our operations and services, including our end-to-end workflow process, contract agreements, and federal and state regulations.

Experienced Team​

Our ROI specialists are experienced and highly competent in navigating numerous health systems, with an in-depth understanding of handling and fulfilling patient PHI.

Tailored Evaluation

We employ a continual learning approach to analyze and understand our clients’ HIM environment and specific challenges to adapt better serve you and improve your ROI experience.

Secured & Efficient Proprietary System ​

Thoughtfully architected system designed, and framework aligned to optimize security, client project task completion and fulfilment quality assurance.

Integrated Compliance Culture​

Organizational top-down participation in the “All-For-One, then More-For-All” breach prevention Comp-Program.

Our Promise to You

We will provide the same exceptional, dedicated, and unrivaled customer service to all our clients, regardless of their size or specialty. We believe in converting and retaining clients by establishing long-term relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency. Our team stays current on our policies and regulations to provide you with competent service that you can rely on for years to come. Our goal is to help you meet your objectives by streamlining the exchange of sensitive information within your organization via ours. Your success brings us one step closer to achieving our mission.

Our Core Values

  • Compliance-First Mindset

    Our approach to execution is treating each request of patient information uniquely to specifically meet the use case of the requestor while remaining in compliance, to ensure the overall experience and outcome of our services are 100% satisfactory to all parties.

  • Accountability

    We maintain the highest level of commitment and ownership to the standards that uphold our promise to deliver safely.

  • Servant Leadership

    There is no ‘I’ in Team, we lead by serving each other to the greater outcome of our mission. We encourage transparency in our collaboration and ensure all members of the team can experience a level of accomplishment in what we do.

  • Integrity

    We’re adamant about staying true and consistent in our operations and fulfilment processes that builds upon the trust of conducting business with our clients and partners

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