Full Time/part time

ROI Specialist

The ROI Specialist is responsible for providing support for Release of Information (ROI) requests for patient medical records at a designated client site.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Log medical record requests into Healthgility portal.
  • Determine which records should be released by reviewing requestor information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines and obtaining pertinent patient data from various sources, such as electronic, off-site, or physical records that match the patient request. Medical records should be scanned.
  • Report any issues that are causing delays in the release of records to the manager.
  • Respond to and process requests from physician offices on a priority basis if necessary, and fax information to the physician office if necessary.
  • Comply with the policies and regulations of the on-site facility.
  • Answer phone calls from medical and support personnel requesting medical records or patient identification be read from the record.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A high school diploma or a GED is required.
  • Previous information release in the Medical Record field required.
  • Medical terminology knowledge is advantageous.
  • It is preferred that you are familiar with HIPAA regulations.
  • Proven ability to use computer software.
  • Data Entry Experience.
  • Strong verbal communication skills; track record of success in responding to customer inquiries
  • Working in an environment that necessitates attention to detail is a must.
  • Dependability has a proven track record.
  • Prior work experience in Information Release is preferred.
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