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To achieve the ultimate health benefit and goal of each patient, the release of information remains an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem that deals with the transfer of health information from one area of use to another. To date, there has been an endless need for improved efficiency to manage the demands of sharing patient information safely and securely to meet the needs of requestors.

For this need, we are equipped to provide an optimized solution to release of information that enables Hospitals and Clinics to concentrate on their organization’s clinical needs while keeping their HIM department lightweight and their patients’ assured of their health data privacy and confidentiality.

Benefits of working
with us

By managing the release of protected health information, your healthcare organization will notice a significant improvement in its Health Information Management (HIM) department.

Breach Prevention

We are professionals who understand the regulations, stay up to date on the latest changes, and understand the complexity of PHI disclosure management. We train all departments on the importance of privacy and ensure policies are enforced according to rules, regulations, and a strict code of ethics. HIM departments are under pressure to electronically manage and transmit patient data and records while adhering to federal standards and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Disclosure Accuracy

We are professionals who understand the regulations, stay up to date on the latest changes, and understand the complexity of PHI disclosure management by continuously training all departments on the importance of privacy and ensuring policies are enforced in accordance with established rules, regulations, and a strict code of ethics. Healthcare departments, particularly HIM departments, are under enormous pressure to manage and exchange patient data and records electronically while adhering to evolving federal regulations and remaining HIPAA compliant.

Fast and Trusted turn-around time

The purpose of our existence is to help you fulfill your high demand expectations while attaining your ultimate goal as economically feasible That guarantees your patients’ and other requestors’ contentment. Each project is analyzed for information dissemination and delivery efficiency. Our project dashboard and analytics tool are designed to provide visibility into project progress, helping the team evaluate and re-prioritize activities to meet delivery expectations while maintaining compliance.

Off cycle time-sensitive delivery

It’s all about collaboration and adopting a patient-centered mentality. We believe that no one should ever be denied access to requested information. We work collaboratively to minimize any delay costs to our clients and their respective requestors. Our team’s topology is functionally designed and tactically buffered to meet the demand for off-cycle delivery of time-sensitive information while adhering to regulatory requirements and ensuring that all requestor expectations and goals are met.

Do you want to remove the barriers to the relationship between you and your patient?​

If yes, explore our solution for releasing and exchanging sensitive patient data with other hospitals, clinics, government agencies, attorneys, and third-party payers with ease. Our fail-safe information release services prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. Your patient’s personal details and medical history will remain secure during the release of information from your system to another system.

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HealthGility provides healthcare organizations with a solution for protected patient health information disclosure and confidentiality that reduces workloads and ensures the safe and secure sharing of sensitive data between different providers.

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