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We aid healthcare provider in the exchange of patient health information in compliance with HIPPA rules and regulations to promptly respond to client request and deliver in a timely manner.

Release of Information

The healthcare industry requires ROI services to entertain requests for patient health records, which cannot be fulfilled without following strict and intensive HIPAA-compliant guidelines. The steps involve getting the patient’s authorization and reviewing each requested page to ensure only personal health information that the patient has explicitly approved for sharing with external sources is sent. Instead of manually performing the steps, healthcare industries can utilize software and invest in services to optimize ROI. HealthGility streamlines the quick, safe and secure medical record release process for providers, law firms, patients, government agencies, and payers. Our cloud-based solutions digitally capture requested information and manage Protected Health Information (PHI) and confidentiality while decreasing the volume of work related to the Release of Information (ROI) for our clients. Our ROI technology has a thoughtfully integrated workflow that upholds patient privacy and data security to ensure that patients have control of their personal information, protects the providers, and fulfils requests in a timely and secure manner. While our qualified HIPAA-trained personnel can work locally or help your team remotely, our Quality Assurance measures remain unparalleled to support your organization in implementing effective procedures, standardizing processes and establishing best practices for PHI disclosure, ensuring reinforcement and risk reduction within the entire process.

Government and Third-party Payer Audit Management

Healthcare organizations spend several hours managing government and commercial payer audits. They have to release several patient records at one time, hence creating a challenging task. If not managed appropriately, critical and time-sensitive Health Information Management (HIM) processes can cease and cause fulfillment delays in the Release of Information (ROI). In return, healthcare organizations can face compliance issues, reduced quality care, and poor financial performance. HealthGility can remove your healthcare organization’s burden with our state-of-the-art Government and Third-payer Audit Management system. With our system, you can manage all your payer audit processes such as MAC, ZPIC, RAC, MRA, HEDIS and more. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can meet the demands of requests, fulfilling them before the deadline without affecting your productivity.

PHI Disclosure Management

Protected Health Information (PHI) and confidentiality management play a vital role in the evolving technology-driven and regulatory climate within a healthcare organization. It is a specialized service that assists healthcare providers in regulating disclosure procedures and policies, reducing risk, ensuring quality, and improving HIPAA compliance across the healthcare system. The Health Information Management (HIM) is more than just the Release of Information (ROI) processes. It also requires healthcare providers to incorporate specialized services to secure the Protected Health Information (PHI) and confidentiality between them and the patients. PHI involves healthcare providers dealing with sensitive information about a patient. This includes their medical conditions, birthdate, and health insurance claims. If PHI ends up in the wrong hands, it can create a problem for the healthcare organization. Therefore, it is pertinent for healthcare providers to take the initiative to create an electronic database with the management and release of information performed using a reputable service.

Department of Disability Services (DDS)

Department of Disability Services (DDS) provides people access to information related to disability across all healthcare organizations. DDS streamlines access to information and services promoting and enhancing independent living for residents with a disability by promoting coordination and cooperation between state, county, and local government agencies. The DDS bridges the gap to services for people with an onset disability or a disability occurring later in life due to an injury or illness. Our solution can reduce the related labor and time involved with managing and exchanging information. We provide integrations with the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)to automate, streamline, and optimize the Disability Determination Services. In doing so, healthcare organizations can ensure patients receive the required care. Healthcare providers will notice reduced errors, better revenue management, and improved efficiency while using our prompt, effective, and reliable service.

Document Management

Our Document Management service assists healthcare organizations transition from a paper-based environment to a paperless environment. It also provides assistance to organizations making an effort to improve document management. If you need efficient, flexible, and reliable tools to retrieve documents, our document management service will help you accomplish your goals. With our service, you will save money and time. With our document management service, you will receive secure and HIPAA-compliant access to critical and sensitive patient documents and data such as patient charts and lab reports.

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