Healthcare Industries Need a Solution to the Safe and Secure Release of Protected Health Information. We’re Their Solution

We make it easier for hospitals and clinics to manage health information. Our streamlined and efficient Release of Information service ensures increased accuracy in document filing, insurance verification, chart abstraction, prior authorizations, and more. Our PHI Disclosure Management Service Establishes an Efficient, Secure, and Accurate Release of Information Process

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By managing the release of protected health information, your healthcare organization will notice a significant improvement in its Health Information Management (HIM) department.

Manage Medical Records

Logs, tracks, and verifies requests for medical records​

Authorized Exchange

Ensures medical records are complete and exchanges only authorized information

Dynamic Export

Offers more than one delivery method, including exporting to CD/DVD, print, and encryption


Provides a complete audit track record of all interactions between two parties with detailed reports consisting of information on what was released, when was it released, and to whom it was released to

Don’t you want to remove the barriers to the relationship between you and your patient?

If yes, explore our solution for releasing and exchanging sensitive patient data with other hospitals, clinics, government agencies, attorneys, and third-party payers with ease. Our fail-safe information release services prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. Your patient’s personal details and medical history will remain secure during the release of information from your system to another system.

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HealthGility provides healthcare providers with a patient protection health and information disclosure and confidentiality solution to reduce workloads and make the sharing of sensitive data between different providers safe and secure.

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