About Us

HealthGility provides healthcare providers with a patient protection health and information disclosure and confidentiality solution to reduce workloads and make the sharing of sensitive data between different providers safe and secure.


We want to enhance the seamless flow of sensitive information and data. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations through an effective and timely disclosure of patient’s protected health information, while reaching above and beyond to ensure the utmost compliance level of patients privacy and data security remains intact and uncompromised.


We want to intensify agility within the healthcare ecosystem by automating and streamlining interactions and processes that provides patients with the highest level of transparency and satisfaction to their data integrity, privacy and high-quality care at lower costs via our robust cloud-based platform designed to exchange health information electronically with accuracy, efficiency and compliance constantly in mind

Who We Serve

Our enterprise-wide ROI management solution bridges the gap for healthcare organizations ranging from small clinics to large and complex hospitals. Through our state-of-the-heart system, we can ensure the secure disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) in concealment. Our service is endlessly dedicated to our Client and their patient’s satisfaction by optimizing the management of the release and transfer of protected information to fulfil confidential request from  medical facilities and specialists, Insurance providers, Attorneys, Government agencies etc. 


Why Choose us

For our

For our HIPAA compliant and industry-recognized solutions with fast turnaround time and 99.9% accuracy for the disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) and confidentiality.


For strongly operating with our core value of a patient-first mindset to ensure we are putting each step of our process in the forefront to the satisfying of our clients with no room for compromise.


Uphold and maintain the best practices for the disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) and confidentiality to ensure accuracy, compliance, quality, and reduce risk across healthcare organizations.

State-of-the-art ​system

For our state-of-the-art cloud-based system with zero downtime and minimal maintenance to ensure all health information management and retrieval operations function seamlessly and without disruptions.


Our Promise to You

Regardless of your organization’s specialty or size, we will render the same exceptional, dedicated and unrivaled customer service as an offering to all our clients. We believe in client’s conversion and retention by establishing long-term relationships built on trust, honesty, and transparency.  

Our purpose is to innovate and deliver incomparable technology solutions to our clients. If our clients have a need, we are here to listen and provide. Helping us fulfill our mission and objectives is our highly skilled, talented, and experienced team trained in HIPPA compliance with extensive experience as ROI specialist within the HIM industry. 

Our team stays up to date with our policies and regulations to provide you with competent service and one that you can rely on for years to come. Our focus is to restructure the transfer and delivery of sensitive information within your organization and help you achieve your goals. Your success brings us closer to achieving our own mission.  

Our Core Values


Our Health Information Management (HIM) service helps hospitals and clinics save time, stay compliant, eliminate paper and redundant forms, and allows them to focus on fulfilling the request of another party inquiring about a patient’s medical records.

Foster Community

We foster community by recognizing the efforts of our team. We invite feedback from both our team and clients to ensure we can create an environment that listens to their issues and takes the initiative to resolve them. We don’t just encourage our team and clients to provide us with ideas, but we make it our aim to ask them to share their ideas.


Our staff maintains the highest levels of accountability, ownership, quality focus, work ethic, honesty, and service excellence. Our clients can entrust to perform the important task of exchanging critical medical data of patients.


We deliver on our promises and give top priority to our clients. Our clients can rely on us to represent their hospital or clinic in the best light. We embody commitment, professionalism, and competence.

Servant Leadership

There’s no “I” in team, and that couldn’t be truer for us. We operate as a team where we lead by example by including all team members, working alongside them, and doing the same work. Our staff knows us as we interact with them one-on-one. We want to be seen as their equals, not their superiors, as that’s the only way for our company to succeed together. We encourage collaboration and care for our team by being there for them when in need. We’re problem solvers, and if a team member needs our help, we’ll be there with solutions.

Have any questions about any of our services? Need training on how to use the system, troubleshooting or support? We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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