What We Do

We aid healthcare providers in the exchange of patient protected health information in compliance with HIPPA privacy and Security policies to promptly respond to requested records and deliver in a secured and timely manner.

Optimized ROI solution

To achieve each patient’s ultimate health benefit and goal, release of information remains an essential component of the healthcare ecosystem that exchanges health information. To meet requestors’ needs, transferring patient medical records safely and securely requires enhanced efficiency and expertise. Healthgility provides an optimized engagement and disclosure solution to the release of medical information, allowing hospitals and clinics to focus on patient clinical needs while keeping their HIM departments lightweight and patients’ health data private and confidential.


Service Offerings

We provide an adequate level of engagement and integration for easy collaboration with our clients based on their current HIM environment, via our optimized and compliance-driven system that satisfies the disclosure of patient medical records to its minimal necessary usage for each patient, provider, third-party payer, or Attorney in a preferred format.

  • ePHI retrieval
  • PHI chart Scanning
  • Digital integration

Benefits of working
with us

By managing the release of protected health information, your healthcare organization will notice a significant improvement in its Health Information Management (HIM) department.

Delivery Assurance

Fast & trusted turnaround delivery rate 99.99% of the time. Our prioritization algorithm dashboard ensures optimal efficiency and on-time delivery.

Client portal view

Stay in the loop with a dedicated client portal view access to track work progress throughout the project/request lifecycle.

Worry-free request Fulfillment

We are narrowed and focused on the retrieval and disclosure accuracy of PHI for a reason and we take it seriously with pride.

Load-less experience

Reduced client workload experience with more bandwidth for other essential productivity and cost-savings outcomes.

What You Receive with Us

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Overhead Cost & Time Savings

  • ROI Efficiency

  • Partnership Credibility

Client Satisfaction is Our Desire!

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