Assessment of the information provided by ChatGPT regarding exercise for patients with type 2 diabetes: a pilot study

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We assessed the feasibility of ChatGPT for patients with type 2 diabetes seeking information about exercise.


In this pilot study, two physicians with expertise in diabetes care and rehabilitative treatment in Republic of Korea discussed and determined the 14 most asked questions on exercise for managing type 2 diabetes by patients in clinical practice. Each question was inputted into ChatGPT (V.4.0), and the answers from ChatGPT were assessed. The Likert scale was calculated for each category of validity (1–4), safety (1–4) and utility (1–4) based on position statements of the American Diabetes Association and American College of Sports Medicine.


Regarding validity, 4 of 14 ChatGPT (28.6%) responses were scored as 3, indicating accurate but incomplete information. The other 10 responses (71.4%) were scored as 4, indicating complete accuracy with complete information. Safety and utility scored 4 (no danger and completely useful) for all 14 ChatGPT responses.


ChatGPT can be used as supplementary educational material for diabetic exercise. However, users should be aware that ChatGPT may provide incomplete answers to some questions on exercise for type 2 diabetes.

Chung, S. M., Chang, M. C.

Chung, S. M., Chang, M. C.

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