Routine health information use among healthcare providers in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Healthcare policy formulation, programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, and healthcare service delivery as a whole are dependent on routinely generated health information in a healthcare setting. Several individual research articles on the utilisation of routine health information exist in Ethiopia; however, each of them revealed inconsistent findings.


The main aim of this review was to combine the magnitude of routine health information use and its determinants among healthcare providers in Ethiopia.


Databases and repositories such as PubMed, Global Health, Scopus, Embase, African journal online, Advanced Google Search and Google Scholar were searched from 20 to 26 August 2022.


A total of 890 articles were searched but only 23 articles were included. A total of 8662 (96.3%) participants were included in the studies. The pooled prevalence of routine health information use was found to be 53.7% with 95% CI (47.45% to 59.95%). Training (adjusted OR (AOR)=1.56, 95% CI (1.12 to 2.18)), competency related to data management (AOR=1.94, 95% CI (1.35 to 2.8)), availability of standard guideline (AOR=1.66, 95% CI (1.38 to 1.99)), supportive supervision (AOR=2.07, 95% CI (1.55 to 2.76)) and feedback (AOR=2.20, 95% CI (1.30 to 3.71)) were significantly associated with routine health information use among healthcare providers at p value≤0.05 with 95% CI.


The use of routinely generated health information for evidence-based decision-making remains one of the most difficult problems in the health information system. The study’s reviewers suggested that the appropriate health authorities in Ethiopia invest in enhancing the skills in using routinely generated health information.

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Tadele, M. M., Yilma, T. M., Mekonnen, Z. A., Tilahun, B.

Tadele, M. M., Yilma, T. M., Mekonnen, Z. A., Tilahun, B.

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